Starting A Small Online Business

Starting A Small Online Business
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Starting a small online business is no small task,

and actually takes a little more work than many people give it credit. In this article, I will be talking specifically about Internet Marketing, and how to start your own Internet Marketing business.

I know many people are looking for a quick, easy, push-button business that they can start with zero money and only spend 15 minutes a day working. That is a dreamland that doesn’t exist. Starting any business is hard work and takes, money, time, determination and persistence. It is true starting a small online business is less expensive than many traditional businesses, but no matter your monetary investment

you should treat your online business as if you have invested millions of your own money.

If you treat it like a multi-million dollar business it most likely will succeed. If you treat it like you spent only $30 on it then you will find that it is not much of a business after all.

As you begin starting a small online business, what are the things that you for sure will need?

Lets break these down and see what it will take for you to get started earning huge money in no time at all. Keep in mind there are ways to make money online without having a domain name, web hosting, and a squeeze page, or a free gift, but we are going to treat this like a multi-million dollar business so you for sure will want to get these things right away.


Decide on a domain name for your company. For instance mine is called This name was inspired while I was on a vacation sitting on the beach, and thought to myself, wow this is the life.  Suntans, beach, taking it easy, I am living the SunTan Lifestyle.  Crazy me pulled out my phone, did a search and sure enough the domain name was available so I snagged it right there on the beach. Sad thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about all the different possibilities of this new business name the rest of the day. So all of that to say, you need to decide on a domain name and get one (or more) registered today if you do not already have one.


Next you will need web hosting for your domain. Web hosting is where you store all of the files for your website. There are many different companies that offer web hosting. I got tired of finding one that was right for me, so I started my own. If you find yourself in need of web hosting, I am offering web hosting for only $5 from my site


So the squeeze page is a necessity so you can capture the email address of people visiting your site. It is simple, you ask them to provide you an email address and you provide them with some FREE Valuable information. Don’t worry about giving something for free, you actually make money by giving away free items. Make sure whatever you are giving away is high-quality and people will begin to trust you. They will also know that if you are giving away high-quality information then the product or service you are selling is just as good or better and will be more willing to buy from you. Your squeeze page will work hand-in-hand with your auto-responder, as well as your Free Gift.  Click Here to get the best squeeze pages ever.   If you need help setting this up, let me know.


Your Auto-responder is a vital part of starting a small online business. Without it, you would be having to do A LOT of work manually, and you do not have that much time on your hands. Once your squeeze page captures the email address from the person visiting your site, it gets stored in the auto-responder database. You then set up automated messages to be sent out to the subscribers at specified times. So for instance as soon as they enter their email address into your squeeze page, and click the button for access, you can have a welcome message be sent to them automatically. In this message you can simply welcome them and provide value, or you may be aggressive and start selling a product right then and there. You will find what works best for you and your niche. I find it very beneficial to send a message immediately, and then 1 hour later send a follow-up message. I tend to get really high open and click-through rates on both of these messages. From there you can configure as many more messages you want spread out over days and days. You choose the frequency of when you want to send out these messages. If you are having issues trying to decide what to put in these messages you can always check out my book called “Million Dollar Messages“. If you are lucky you may catch it for FREE. It goes free about every 90 days.


Why in the world would you need a free gift to give away? Typically people need to be enticed before they will do anything. So come up with some creative, cant-do-without offer that you can dangle in front of the visitor’s face and tell them that if they want to get their hands on it they need to leave you their email address. Most will leave you their actual email address, but you will have a few that have a temporary account, or one that they use specifically for things like this, but I tend to see a majority of people leave you a real email address so you can get back in contact with them.  Here is my Free gift, and I am not even going to make you leave your email address to get it…seriously:)

Like I mentioned above, keep your FREE Gift something of high-quality. No one wants garbage. Your free gift can be a video, a PDF, a piece of software, a coupon code, etc. anything of value is appropriate. Let’s say your niche is in the Dog niche. You could offer a free guide on how to train your dog to stop barking. Anyone with this issue would be glad to give you their email address to learn how to stop this problem.


Now that you have their email address, you have given them a free gift, you need to have something to sell so you can make money, after all that is why you started your online business. You can sell your product in many different places. For instance right after the subscriber leaves their email address you could give them a great offer on a product at a super low price, called a One Time Offer or OTO. You do not have to do this, but it is a great opportunity to possibly make a sale right out of the gate. If the customer does not accept the offer you can try again and do what is called a down-sell and offer the same product but at an even more discounted price. If you are not comfortable with the OTO or the down-sell you simply give them the free gift, and then offer the product on your thank you page, or send it to them later in email. YOu will have to decide what works best for your business.

Don’t limit yourself to only one product. Most niches have many products available for you to sell. Simply become an affiliate for free and promote different products and make a commission each time one of the products sells.


So now we are to one of the most important aspects of starting a small online business, and that is traffic. If you are not getting traffic to your squeeze page you will not be making any sales…simple as that. So you need to be sending traffic to your sites constantly. Your traffic sources need to be high quality and targeted.   Here are a few traffic generation ideas:

Paid Traffic

  • Solo Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Banners

Free Traffic

  • Social Media (word-of-mouth)
  • Write Articles
  • Create videos
  • Join Forums – participate add value – give FREE Advice.

Make Sure your web page is relevant, and that it provides value for the reader

Go above and beyond to help people…they love that and will always come back for more..and tell their friends too.

Put all of this together and those are the basics of starting a small online business

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