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Here are my books which are always available in the Amazon Kindle Book Store.  If you are lucky, you may find them to be FREE from time-to-time.

You can visit my author page:

Get Out of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit Get Out of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit:  My Journey of Consolidating Credit Cards, And Why It May Not Be Your Best Option

Book Description:  Get out of debt without ruining your credit. If you have found yourself drowning in credit card debt, and feel like you have little to no options, then you need to read this book. Read about my journey of getting out of debt by consolidating my credit cards and how I put together a plan to get out of debt. Coming up with a plan and outlining your options is more valuable than you can ever imagine.

Forget all of the crazy statistics and advice that are a little less than desired for how to get out of debt. In this book I outline a quick way for you to get your debt in check and work at paying it off.

Remember there are many ways you can get out of debt, so what works for me may not work for you. I do hope that based on my explanation of the steps I used to get my debt under control, you can also start working at getting out of debt and becoming debt free.

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Get Out of Debt Without Ruining Your CreditGet Out of Debt Without Ruining Your Credit:  Define Your Options Create A Master Plan

Book Description:  Getting out of debt is no fun, however, being in debt is even worse. In this book series, I use myself as the example of how to get out of debt without ruining your credit. I take you on my journey of how I handled my own debt crisis and how you can hopefully learn from all of the time and effort I put into getting myself out of debt. In this book I specifically talk about getting out of credit card debt, and how I used debt consolidation to get myself out of debt, but why that may not be your best option. The good news is that when getting out of debt you have so many options. You need to define the options that work in your situation, create a plan and execute on the plan. With patience, and perseverance you can and will get yourself out of debt if you try.

In this book, I discuss with you how I found and researched different options. Sometimes you have options that you did not realize even existed. Once you let this journey of getting out of debt consume you, you can then seek out and find options that are waiting to be found.

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Million Dollar MessagesMillion Dollar Messages: The Quickest Way To Creating Huge Profits

Book Description:  If you want to make money online, you must read this book! As in internet marketer, you know that email marketing is the lifeblood of your business, however, mental block can easily stand in your way of huge profits….

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List Building On A BudgetList Building On A Budget: An Internet Marketer’s Guide To The Essentials of Easy List Building On A Budget

Book Description:  List Building On A Budget, will walk you through the essentials of how to build a highly targeted buyers list for the specific niche you are promoting as an Internet Marketer, while staying on a budget. If you are new to Internet Marketing, or simply struggling to make money online…

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