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Beach Time

Waikiki Beach HawaiiLiving the Suntan Lifestyle is not only for internet marketers as we often talk about on this site.   Many local business owners are really making some bank, and enjoying lifestyles that many of their friends simply envy.   Having a thriving local business is the dream of so many people and it is great to see others that have made it big.

We  have been scoping out some of the beaches around the world during our travels and looking for business owners that are out living the dream.  We thought it would be cool to interview a few of the folks and bring them to you as inspiration to show that you other ways our fellow humans are making a great living by working for themselves and not simply being a slave to corporate America.


We Love HawaiiOur first stop was Waikiki Beach located on the island of Oahu, right in the heart of Honolulu.   It is a great tourist spot, and a place to find people having a great time.   Everyone visiting Hawaii is already in a great mood because they are in paradise, so striking up a conversation with most everyone is very easy, and fun.  You can learn a lot about people simply by asking a few questions.  People love to talk about themselves.   So we set out on a mission to find someone that was local business owner and find out what is that makes them successful.

Meet John

Picture Time On The Beach

He owns a small business in Texas, Parking Lot Striping Plano where he paints the lines on parking lots.   Of course there is more to the job other than that and we made it sound so simple, but in a nutshell, he services local businesses by keeping their parking lots in tip-top shape.   Fresh paint, fixing cracks, putting up signs, etc. This gig and his entrepreneurial spirit has earned John a pretty nice living and a wonderful vacation here in paradise.  I never would have dreamed of making a nice bankroll by working on parking lots as a gig, but it keeps John’s wallet nice and fat.  It also keeps him out of the offices of corporate America, and simply down in their parking lots putting on a fresh coat of paint.  John does run a crew of guys that do all the heavy lifting while he spends most of his days going out and bidding new jobs, and closing the deals with business owners that need his services.   With true entrepreneur spirit, John is living the dream that so many in his local community only wish they could have.   While they are trudging through their day of their corporate job, earning tons of cash for their employer, John is out closing deals for himself.

Way to go John!  Shaka, Shaka






When asked what is the key to his success, John stated that his simple desire to work for himself, provide for his family and be an asset to his community is what keeps him going strong.   Being an entrepreneur has allowed him to have a vision and make it come to reality.   John plans on expanding his business in the near future, and hopes to be running additional crews.   A recent hire of a full time prospecting salesman has helped with growing the business this past quarter and the future is looking very bright for moving into other nearby cities as well.   John has a huge vision, and it was great running into him on the beaches of Hawaii.

One last question for John before we let him get back to enjoying the sand and the sun.   We asked if he had any advice for others that are fed up with the corporate world.   He replied, “Find a vision and a passion and run with it!”.    I am not sure if we could have said it better ourselves.

Next time you are out at the beach, be on the lookout for us, because we may just come up and interview you as well.


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