Email Marketing – Lifeblood Of Your Internet Marketing Career

Email Marketing How To Set Up An Email Campaign
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Email Marketing is for sure the lifeblood of an Internet Marketer, but where in the world do you start building your list, and why is it so important?

Let’s actually start with the second part of the question and answer why email marketing and building your list is so important to your business.   Think of it like this, if people do not know you have something great to offer them, it does you no good to even have the offer.   You need to be able to communicate with your subscribers, and get them interested in what you have to offer.   Have you ever heard the term “money is in the list”? I am sure that you have, and it is 100% true. The more email subscribers you get, the more likely you will get sales.   You need to strategize your business so that you are providing and awesome offer for FREE that people absolutely want to get their hands on it. Keep in mind this irresistible FREE offer needs to be related to your niche.

The thing is you will give them this FREE gift in exchange for their email address. So in essence this free gift is not actually free because it does cost the subscriber their email address to see this awesome offer. However, once you have this user’s email address added to your list, you know they are very targeted and interested in your niche.   This is very important because if you already know they are interested in your niche you can now send them emails with other related products in this niche and profit when they buy from you.

Let’s go back to the first part of the question: If email marketing is so important to your online business, where in the world do you start when you are trying to build a list?   I have answered that in my eBook titled “List Building On A Budget – An Internet Marketer’s Guide To The Essentials of Easy List Building On A Budget.”   You can pick it up at from Amazon Kindle, and if you are lucky, you may even catch it while it is FREE.   Hint: In this book I also walk you through the steps of creating a FREE Offer, and also even show you a link to how you can get my FREE offer to use as well. In this book, I also discuss the essentials of list building and how to go about actually growing your list.   We start off with the main things you need when doing list building:

  • A Squeeze Page
  • An AutoResponder
  • A Free Gift
  • Traffic to your site


If you have all of these things you can easily start list building starting today. The main thing I want to tell you when list building is to keep giving value to your subscribers. If you hit them up to buy from you every single day then you are going to see your list go unresponsive or see a lot of people unsubscribe.   Either way your list will be less than desired. Always provide value, and you will soon build a trust relationship that will generate profits beyond your belief.   Good luck with your list building efforts. If you have any questions, please leave them below or contact me.

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